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Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds are known as Sounff or Variyali in India. Fennel Seeds, which grow well in mild climates, are an oval, green or yellowish brown dried aromatic ripe fruit of an herbaceous plant called Foeniculum Vulgare, a member of Parsley family. Fennel is widely used in Asian, European, Italian and Mediterranean dishes. In India fennel is widely used in meat and seafood dishes and are also used with pickles and vinegar for a special flavor. Fennel Seeds in raw or in roasted form is widely used in India as a mouth freshener especially after suppers. It is a highly aromatic and flavoured herb with culinary and medicinal uses, and along with the similar-tasting anise; is one of the primary ingredients of absinthe.


Tierra Overseas is processor and supplier of Fennel Seeds in India.

Culinary Use of Fennel Seeds

  • The bulb of the fennel plant can be prepared and eaten.
  • Fennel can be braised, grilled, sautéed or sliced thinly and served in salads.
  • The stalks of the fennel plant can be cooked or eaten raw as well. Fennel stalks can be used for making vegetable stock.
  • The seeds of the fennel plant can be used as a spice, either ground or whole.
  • Fennel seeds are featured in Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern cooking.
  • This ingredient is frequently used in making sausages.
  • Fennel seeds are one of the five ingredients in the traditional Chinese five spice blend. Fennel seed is also one of the ingredients used in making absinthe.

Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

  • Fennel has many health benefiting nutrients, essential compounds, anti-oxidants, dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Fennel seeds contain numerous flavonoid anti-oxidants like kaempferol and quercetin. These compounds function as powerful anti-oxidants by removing harmful radicals from the body thus offer protection from cancer, infection, skin-ageing and degenerative neurological diseases.
  • Fennel seeds are a very rich source of dietary fibers.
  • Dietary fibers bind to bile salts (produced from cholesterol) and decrease their re-absorption in colon. Thus, it helps lower serum LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Fennel seeds compose of health benefiting volatile essential oil compounds such as anethole, limonene, anisic aldehyde, pinene, myrcene, fenchone, chavicol, and cineole. These active principles in fennel are known to have antioxidant, digestive, carminative, and anti-flatulent properties.


Shelf Life 12 Months
Product Type Single Herbs
Color Brown
Packaging Plastic Bags
Taste Sweet
Form Seed
Drying Process Natural
Features Freshness, Good For Health, Non Harmful, Etc.
Packaging size 100Gm, 1Kg, 250Gm, 500Gm
Biological Source Foeniculum vulgare
Family Umbelliferae