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Karanja Cake

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of Karanja cake in India.


Karanja cake is an excellent organic Soil input. Karanja cake is the residue while karanja seed is crushed for karanja oil. Karanja tree is popularly known for its medicinal properties, and it is traditionally used for many years. We manufacture Karanja Cake by processing pure karanja seeds, and crushing pure karanja seeds, extract karanja oil from it. The cake is left after extracting the oil from Karanja seeds. Tierra Overseas is manufacturer of high quality Karanja cakes in India.


Karanjain >1500 Ppm
Aflatoxin Nil. Tested By Tlc
Oil Content 6.0 % Min
Moisture 9.0% Max
Total Ash 7.5% Max
Nitrogen As N 3.5% Minimum
Phosphorus As P 0.5 % Minimum
Potassium As K 0.5% Minimum